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  • What measurements does the NML POD have?
    Width: 2.60 meters. Length: 8.60 meters. Height: 3.50 meters.
  • What is included in the purchase of the NML POD?
    The purchase includes the design and manufacture of the NML POD Bed furniture Full kitchen Bathroom furniture Air conditioning Pressurizer Heater TV stand Preparation for connection to drainage, water and electricity. Base plates for anchoring to the foundation. Advice for the type of foundation.
  • What is not included in the purchase of the NML POD?
    Does not include transfer (quoted separately). Does not include cistern Septic tank and biodigester Solar panels (priced separately). Installation Foundation. Equipment and decoration (priced separately).
  • Where can I install my NML POD?
    Anywhere of your choice, as long as you have a concrete slab, or properly compacted ground that serves as a smooth surface where your NML POD can sit (2.6m x 8.6m). Only access roads (streets with a minimum width of 3.50m to maneuver the truck) would be taken into account to receive your NML POD and that they can proceed with the download where you indicate
  • Do I need any permission?
    Currently the manufactured housing market does not require regulations or permits from the government, however, it is important that for the construction of the foundation, you request information from the municipality where your NML POD will be installed, as well as the regulations internal subdivisions or private communities
  • What facilities do I need?
    Cisterna, rotoplas or connection to the drinking water network Septic tank, biodigester or drainage network Solar panels or connection to the electrical grid
  • Is it mobile?
    Yes. Your NML POD can be transported by land with the use of a LowBoy truck, in addition to a crane that supports 4 tons, to unload on the land of your choice. We can assist you with this in the future, if you wish to change the location of the NML POD
  • How long does the NML POD have?
    We select the best materials for the manufacture of your NML POD, taking into account that its durability is equal to or greater than that of traditional construction, making the unit easy to maintain
  • Does it adapt to any climate?
    Yes, since it has the necessary thermal insulation to keep it cool inside on hot days. As well as prevent the entry of cold in winter season
  • Where can I find out about the NML POD?
    You can schedule a visit to our office, through our website. We are located in the city of Puebla, Mexico
  • Does it require any kind of maintenance?
    Like other properties, the NML POD requires basic maintenance, however, it will depend on the use and location of the unit. Once a year it is recommended to maintain the wood, to avoid pests and deterioration due to exposure to the environment
  • What is the delivery time?
    Once your purchase is made, your place in the NML POD production list will be assigned. A delivery time of 90 days is handled from the start of manufacturing your NML POD.
  • How are the payment methods?
    Separate 10%: with this amount, you enter the waiting list of the NML POD. 50% manufacturing start: with this amount, we start manufacturing your NML POD. 30 days after the start of work 15%: with this amount the finishing stage begins. 60 days after the start of work 15%: with this amount the purchase of furniture for the interior of the cabin begins. At the end of the project 10%: this amount is paid at the end of the project
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